Mar 25, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1124: Supreme #19, September 1994

Supreme regains consciousness and decides to take out the mob.


There's something about an old girlfriend who was killed, I think, by a mobster, but no other real reason.

Oh, and Kid Supreme shows up. Apparently an explosion during Supreme's battle with Union has imbued this dude with powers. He bursts into a mob hideout secure in the knowledge that their bullets will bounce off because of the knife he "tested on his arm."

I think I have to see these stories as the most basic type of this mythic story, in that they are told with little to no nuance or critical thought. They're surface, and not much else. Again, that depth is added by the later writers who see the plant into which this seed can grow.

But it's a very angry seed, at the moment.

More to come...

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