Mar 26, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1125: Sandman Mystery Theatre #5, August 1993

I couldn't do it anymore. I had to take a break from Supreme. I needed something thoughtful.

I'm amazed that this comic was coming out around the same time as the Supreme stuff I've been reading. They really couldn't be more different.

I've had my eye on this series for a long time, ever since I read the crossover between this and Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Wesley Dodd's is a very significant character in the DCU, and this Vertigo series does him the justice he deserves. Add to the the jewel that is Dian Belmont, and I'm now asking myself why it's taken so long to read this. Perhaps I'll pull out the trade of the first arc and read that for my graphic novel.

Anyway, a killer appears to be stalking the streets of New York's China Town. In the late 30s I'm sure this would have been a very mysterious place. I am concerned about the colouring of the Chinese characters in this issue. They're very yellow. I get that the palate for the series is very monotone, but I think a little more realism to the skin tone would have been less...crass? Especially for a comic being published in the 90s. We weren't that backward back then!

I'll have much more to say about Dian and Wesley as I get stuck into the series (kinda excited for this one!) - I'm curious to see how the series deals with the inherent sexism of the time, especially through the lens of such a strong female character.

More to come...

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