Mar 31, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - The Weekly Graphic Novel: Week 40 - Emily's Secret, 2000

A naughty one today, so let's continue after the break.

Most of the erotica I have in my collection hails from three distinct places: The US, Japan, and continental Europe. It's rare to find something from elsewhere, and when I do, it definitely distinguishes itself. Today's graphic novel is by Marcus Gray, a Scotsman. It's very British in its Victorianism, though there's a dash of the science fiction to it that always seems to happen in erotic comics. I suppose why indulge only one type of fantasy when you can indulge a bunch of them.

Gray's art is amazing. Just let me be completely up front about that. I would read comics drawn by this gentleman in any genre. That he's decided, at least here, to devote his considerable talents to drawing naked men and women just adds to my enjoyment. The story is cool, drawing heavily on the old trope of the young lady coming to the city to stay with a relative and having an awakening of sorts. We see such things writ large across Victorian literature, so much so that it's become a kind of genre in and of itself, a bildungsroman of the proper British subject. And, of course, such awakenings must involve sexual awakenings, so Gray's tale fits in nicely. Though the relative that Emily goes to stay with has some proclivities that might make even Oscar Wilde blush.

You can have a look at more of Mr. Gray's work here, though he seems to skew more toward cartoon work than erotica these days. I'm sure that whatever genre he's working in, it's really great.


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