Mar 31, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project Friday Magazine 7: The Best of Heavy Metal #2, 1986

The other day I was trying to think of what magazines I should read in the coming weeks for this part of the project. I went over in my head all of the magazines in my boxes, thought about reading some Doctor Who Monthly, or Epic Illustrated, and then I realized, because sometimes my brain doesn't work all that well, that I have just shy of 200 issues of Heavy Metal, and that I should probably start making some headway through those.

So that's what I'm doing.

Today's magazine really does do best what early Heavy Metal is all about. It's loaded with European storytellers, there's heaping quantities of science fiction and fantasy, all spiced with ample amounts of nudity and violence. This is what Heavy Metal, at least at the time, was known for. Now, the stories are pretty amazing, as are the artists contained herein. I remember Heavy Metal being almost, for a prepubescent comics fan, as tantalizing as the more explicit adult magazines with which it shared space at the local convenience store. I'm glad to have had a chance to read it as a grown up (however much of one of those I am), and to have discovered the amazing work that was being reprinted in these early editions. There's a reason the magazine has been around since the late 70s: it gives us amazing pieces of comics that aren't going to find a better popular outlet in North America. So, that said, I'm going to delve into the Heavy Metal portion of the collection for the next little while, and get a feel for the comics art of Europe. Exciting!


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