Apr 1, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 766: Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #319, August 1982


We'll get back to Alpha Flight tomorrow. Busy day today, so a quick little Archie title will get us through. The stories within the comic are pretty standard Archie fare, but it's the cover that caught my attention when I was poking about in the dollar bin today. Rich, white, privileged Veronica is shouting about all the problems she's aware of in her bid for Class President - Betty, only slightly-less privileged, is asking if she knows the solutions. It put me so very much in mind of the recent U.S. election that I had to buy it. And then, later in the day, I was chatting with a friend about how so much writing from back in the late 70s and early 80s seems to be eerily prescient about the Orange Man's rise to power and the problems that accompany it. Even here in Archie comics.

That aside, there's not a lot to distinguish this comic from many of the other AGBnV comics I've read. Betty and Veronica clash over Archie, over school, and over clothes.

To be continued.

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