Mar 31, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 765: Alpha Flight v.1 #22, May 1985 Diablo. Ah well. I was kind of looking forward to some alchemical shenanigans.

The roller coaster ride that is Aurora/Jeanne-Marie's split personality continues, as she spends 3 days flying across Canada in a bikini to escape from Walter "Sasquatch" Langowski. Having lived through a few Albertan winters now, I can safely say that that would be a horrendous experience.

What's really interesting about this comic is that it delves into a shadowy chapter (one of them, anyway) of Canada's past, bringing up the spectres of the FLQ and the problems that beset Quebec in the late 70s. The case of the FLQ becomes more relevant with each passing news report from the US arguing the difference between foreign and domestic terrorism. The FLQ were, no doubt about it, domestic terrorists, utilizing violent means to get across their agenda of a separate and sovereign Quebec. What we find out in today's issue (though it may have been revealed earlier, I can't remember) is that Northstar was involved with such a group in the days before becoming a member of Alpha Flight. The movement for a separate Quebec, which continued well into the 80s and 90s, and still surges every now and again currently, is something I've never really been able to wrap my head around. I kind of love that my country has so many distinct and proud cultures - the shame of it is that we seem to have trouble celebrating all of them as much as the European settler cultures get celebrated. Canada without Quebec would be so much less than what it is - and exactly the same goes for every other culture that's a part of our country, be they ones that came after the initial settlers or, more importantly, the ones that were here before. Being an idealist is so disappointing sometimes.

To be continued.

(Oh, yeah, the bad guys in here were like a Canadian version of the Circus of Crime. Kinda blase.)

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