Mar 3, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project Friday Magazine 3: Hardcore Dard #1, September 1998

The GCD only catalogues publications that have a particular percentage of their content classed as comics (the definition of which is, y'know, complicated). I'm a little more lax about these things. As a result, though, there's no page on the GCD to link to for Hardcore Dard, so instead I've linked to a site that provides scans of every page of the publication. It's worth a look. The magazine (and my apologies for missing last week) only contains two two-page strips, the rest of the mag being devoted to some really excellent erotic portraits. Dard's style is really quite lovely, though there's definitely something of the 80s (and the early 80s at that) lurking in all the pictures. It could be the cheesy mustaches on the men, or the fact that none of the women are bare down there.

One thing I will point out about Dard that makes his stand out amongst erotic illustrators, and especially amongst those who produce comics, is that his depictions of female genitalia are really fantastic. It's very easy in the simpler world of comics to depict the vagina as simply a slit, but Dard gives it all the character that a vagina deserves. I'm sure I picked up on this in one of the adult comics I've reviewed over the last couple of years, but it really is always a nice surprise to see an artist lavish that kind of attention on female anatomy.


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