Mar 3, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 737: Bloody Bones and Blackeyed Peas #1, 1984

According to the GCD, this is the only comic that came out from Galaxy Comics. It hearkens back to the horror comics of yore, so to speak, giving us a couple of grim tales that wouldn't have been out of place in an old Warren Magazine. The art's not quite on par, the writing's a little bit trite, but somehow these things contribute to the retro feel of the comic. Given that it was published in the early 80s, I'm not 100% sure that retro is what the creators were going for, but reading it 30 years later, that's what they deliver. It's interesting that reception of a comic can shift that way dependent on when one reads it. At the time it was written, such horror classics as Twisted Tales and Alien Encounters were coming out of Eclipse Comics, though I still think these would have spoken more to the older Warren tradition than Bruce Jones' single-handed revitalization of the short horror comic story.

There's very little information about the comic or the publisher available, but I did manage to find a short(ish) playthrough of a fantasy (actually, "fantegy," a portmanteau of fantasy and strategy) game called Lordlings of Yore that is advertised on the back cover. I remember video games like this one. But I'd forgotten how slow they are.

To be continued.

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