Mar 14, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 748: Cyborg Gerbils #1, August 1986

At first I was pretty sure this was going to be yet another throwaway TMNT spoof, but as I was entering it into my database and had a chance to have a quick look through it, I realized it was something else. And now, after reading it, I see I was right.

This isn't a perfect comic. It's a bit flawed in its visual storytelling - I wasn't always sure where the panels were leading me. Thank goodness for the tiny arrows that the creators inserted to keep things flowing relatively smoothly. Some of the dialogue also seemed like it wasn't quite sure where it was going. Responses, once or twice, just didn't seem to make any sense. That said, a tale of four angry, surgically-enhanced gerbils that have to travel back in time to stop the spread of a mutated human darkness that consumes the entire world, while also attempting to stop the mad scientist who created said darkness, makes for an interesting story. The characters are interesting, in that they're not completely good or bad. The art, cartoony as it is, belies the seriousness of the story. It's a funny animal comic, but the animals in aren't all that funny.

I hold out little hope of finding the second issue. There's a listing in the GCD, but no cover scan, which never bodes well. That said, I've come across a few comics in the last few weeks that aren't in the GCD, so perhaps Cyborg Gerbils #2 will find it's way into the collection one of these days.

To be continued!

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