Mar 15, 2017

Artists to Check Out

Been a while since I've done an artist post. Rather than look to traditional comics artists, these are artists whose work has popped up on my Tumblr and that have caught my attention.

Raf Banzuela: Pen and ink, I think, and heaping helpings of strangeness. I'd love to see a comic illustrated by Mr. Banzuela.

Richard Vergez: Some very cool mixed media weirdness going on here. It's one of the things I love about art that manipulates photography so well - it looks like something that's happened even though we know that it's something that could never happen. Cognitive dissonance like that makes me happy.

Mark Powell: I'll admit, what caught my eye about Mr. Powell's work was the picture below that uses playing cards as the background. I love this kind of layering in a visual medium (there's a word for it that has completely escaped me right now). His other work uses other materials as backgrounds, giving the art a kind of physical aesthetic/medial depth.

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