Feb 10, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project Friday Magazine 1 - Eerie #31, January 1971


I have in the collection a rather large number of comics magazines, ranging from children's superhero stuff to a huge sub-collection of Heavy Metal magazine. I don't think, in most cases, I would have the time to read the whole magazine in one day. They are, by and large, longer than a traditional comic, and, in the case of the more adult-oriented publications, somewhat more complex. Bearing all this in mind, I'm going to start trying to do one a week, much like my graphic novels, and I'll be posting them on Fridays, along with my usual comic.

Today's magazine was selected on the basis of it containing a story pencilled and inked by Tony Williamsune, a gestalt entity made up of Bill Fraccio and Tony Tallarico. I came across some of their art in romance comic I picked up recently, and their style struck me immediately. Apparently the two worked closely for Warren in their horror magazines and for Charlton in just about all their genres. So far, unfortunately, none of the stories of theirs that I've found in my collection has measured up to that one romance story, though the story in this issue ("The Drop") does contain a bit of their weird, psychedelic strangeness.

This might well be the first Warren horror magazine I've ever read cover to cover. They simply weren't on my radar when I was first collecting comics, and I only have these as they were part and parcel of the collection I bought that included the aforementioned Heavy Metals. The stories were pretty good, for the most part, especially the lead tale, "Point of View," from which the Richard Corben cover is drawn. There was a kind of confusing metafictional tale called "The Alien Plague" that either didn't make sense, or didn't make sense to my tired mind when I read it. But I am looking forward to delving into the magazines I have. I've had them for less time, so they're less familiar to me than the comics in the collection. Can't wait to see what I find!


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