Feb 10, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 716: Priority: White Heat #1, 1986


So, apparently even international spies need to have boob window costumes?

I don't know much about AC Comics, but I do have one or two of their publications in my collection. The art in this issue is pretty good. There's even a single page that highlights some fashion designs by artist Secrease, so it's definitely got that aesthetic sensibility going for it. Unfortunately the story doesn't really stand up. The text box at the top of the first page claims that our protagonist is "part Bond," which does come across in the whirlwind tour around the world that White Heat undertakes to track down a Nazi defector. Oh, yeah, it's the Nazis. Again.

(You know, stories with Nazis as antagonists seemed far more far-fetched about a year ago. Funny how the world changes, innit?)

The problem with the story lies in the dialogue and the attempts, in caption, at gritty crime noir-esque exposition. No only is it not pulled off to well, but the comic is rife with grammar and spelling problems. I know that this critique comes from my years as a teacher, but, really, spelling and grammar are the most basic foundation, after the alphabet, of written communication. If you can't be bothered paying attention to it, how can you possibly call yourself a writer?

(Big can of worms there. I'll just leave it.)

Anyway, not much else happens aside from the heroine travelling around the world, looking for Nazis. They turn out to be, as they often do, in South America, and the issue ends with White Heat piloting a Harrier jump jet into the wilds of Brazil. As one does.

To be continued.

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