Jan 8, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 683: The Doom Patrol #96, June 1965


I think it's getting on to time that I took a break from The Doom Patrol. It's not that I'm getting cranky with them (I could never be cranky with these lovable misfits), but I'm running out of things to say about them at the moment. Since the series and the characters are so important to me, I'd like to leave them for a time when I'm feeling more verbose.

That said, we're leaving things on a cliffhanger here! The Brain, General Immortus, and Garguax have teamed up to defeat the Doom Patrol and take over the world. Though the DP defeat the "madness" rays that Immortus is transmitting across the globe, the three villains (and the next issue caption box) promise to return soon to take on their hated enemies. How about we call this the end of season 1? Including the Silver Age special, the Legends of the DC Universe 80-page giant, and the two issues of JLA: Year One, that's 21 issues of the Patrol, which is about the same as a television season.

What will happen next season? Will the villains triumph? Will Cliff and Larry continue to argue? Will Rita finally realize that she's wearing a skirt when she strides through a busy downtown?

No. Yes. Probably not.


(Edit: There is one really interesting thing about this issue, and that's that I think it's the first one to have a credits box on the front page. It's tiny, but credits Drake and Premiani with authorship. Neat.)

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