Jan 7, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 682: The Doom Patrol #95, May 1965


The problem I have the the AVM Man (that's him beating up on the DP up there) is that, in the actual stories, he never looks like he does here, or on his previous cover. There's no human face. And he's only one, animal, vegetable, or mineral, at the same time, rather than this ominous shoggoth-looking dude on the cover.

That aside, today was an interesting, if a bit mediocre, power-switching story. The Chief has created a metal exoskeleton for himself that allows him to walk and take part in adventures. I'm not really sure why he doesn't use it all the time.

I find myself forgetting exactly what Niles is, with regard to Morrison's take on the team. So many times he's put in life-threatening danger. Imagine what would have happened had he succumbed.

(I'm not going to update the posts for the last two days, as it turns out. Hitting a bit of a writer's block, I think. Damn.)


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