Jan 9, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 684: Stormwatch #32, January 1996


*sigh* What can one ever really say about the median Image comic of the mid-Nineties? It's confusing, but let's chalk that up to my coming in halfway through a story. It's violent, but that's to be expected. There is one nice little moment where a "terrorist" asks if the revolutionaries during America's war of independence weren't also terrorists, but then that's stifled somewhat by a bit of misinformation about the state of the Middle East for "thousands" of years (see this Tumblr post for more info).

What I do find interesting about Stormwatch is that the whole idea of a United Nations super-powered strikeforce is very difficult to manage. What happens when an organization that's ostensibly about equality between countries becomes a global superpower in and of itself. Though it may be unconsciously, I think this question is exactly what Stormwatch wrestles with, is certainly what Ellis and Raney think through in their run, and it leads directly to The Authority, which is the logical outcome of this kind of thinking. Once SPBs (super-powered beings) are shown that they can operate outside of the sovereign laws of countries, it's only a small step to go slightly further, and operate outside of the boundaries of international sovereign laws.

Something else tomorrow. Onward!

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