Oct 28, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 611: Gammarauders #3, April 1989


I'm trying, but I can't think of a comic series, an ongoing one that is, that is quite so apocalyptic within its first three issues as Gammarauders has been. Each issue has ended with focal character Jok Tadsworth and his Kangaroid Hoag getting blown up, only to be revived by some mysterious figure in the next issue. The war that appears to have been brewing for decades prior to the opening of the series is in full swing, and it honestly looks like the "bad guys" might have the upper hand. Yesterday I noted that there had been a lot of exposition over the last few issues. This issue dispenses with that and jumps right into the war to end all wars!

Also, there's a giant, slightly stupid, penguin covered in atomic-powered armaments. What more could you ask for in a comic?

I've been inspired to get the old game out and give it a whirl again, though I wonder if it holds up. I seem to recall it having relatively lax rules, but in a war game that can sometimes be a problem. It might jibe with the flavour of the game, but war games tend to need a lot of structure in order to have them work smoothly. Unlike a role-playing game, war games are not intended to be open to too much interpretation and improvisation.

Speaking of RPGs, the first few issues of this series also feature GetRPS, the Gammarauders (Extremely Tiny) Role-Playing System. Again, I'm intrigued, and may wrangle a few of my gaming comrades into giving it a whirl. We'll see.


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