Oct 27, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 610: Gammarauders #2, March 1989


Things move along exactly as one might expect in a game-adaptation comic. We're introduced to more characters, more alliances, and more bad guys. The nice thing about Gammarauders, the game, is that it was never so popular that the company that owned it would throttle the creativity of the writers and artists, nor did it have so rigid a story that those same creators could not throw in their own flourishes.

Which is what happens a bit later in the series. But for now, it's a lot of exposition - I seem to recall it being slightly boring for me when I first read it, but that's likely because I knew all of the stuff they're "revealing" in these first few issues already. But once things start bouncing, they bounce pretty high.

Short one today. Onward.

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