Oct 29, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 612: Gammarauders #4, May 1989


A party that goes til three in the morning can really sap your ability to write coherently. Thus, I shall write about this comic tomorrow, after a proper sleep.

(Just a brief update, as I find that above review amusing.)

Gordon Purcell takes over the art chores on this issue, and something is lost. This is certainly not to say that Purcell's art is by any means bad, just that the manga-esque style of the first three issues suits the material so well, and Mr. Purcell's more traditionally North American style is not quite as fitting. Purcell and Martin King trade off art chores for the next six issues, so there's a modicum of consistency, at least, but I think I like the manga look better. It suits the ridiculous stylization of the Gammarauders universe.


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