Sep 23, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 576: Concrete: Fragile Creature #2, 1991

There's an interesting note in the indicia of this issue that reads "This series will not be collected in album format for at least two years after initial publication." I'm not entirely certain why such a note would be provided, especially in a place that few, if any, readers will note.

The film is back on, Concrete is both helpful and hindering, and bad things seem to be happening to the people around him. Except his scientist friend, who's betraying national security and getting her rocks off.

Seriously, this is a lovely little character piece. The people are not only individually visually rendered, but also narratively. And, Concrete's appearance aside, we're simply getting a view of a normal (ish) life - there's bills to pay, work to do. It just so happens that the work involves being slightly super-powered in a mundane world. Which, I think, many of us feel in moments of our day to day lives.


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