Sep 24, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 577: Concrete: Fragile Creature #3, August 1991

I have to say, I am really, really enjoying this series. I want to rush out and get the collected editions of this whole series now. Mr. Chadwick's art is amazing, at once detail-oriented and atmospheric, and the story is just lovely. There's a hint of mystery, drama, corporate shenanigans, and espionage. Plus, y'know, the giant sci-fi-looking protagonist.

I have to wonder how much of the film-making business is the same now as it was in the early 90s setting of this series. Probably a lot.

I don't have too much to say today. My Mum and Dad are visiting this weekend, so the comic reading (and writing) has to take a back seat. We'll finish up Concrete tomorrow, and then...onward.

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