Sep 22, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 575: Concrete: Fragile Creature #1, June 1991

Concrete is one of those titles, and characters, that I've had in the background of my knowledge for some time now, but I've never read any of his adventures. The premise is lovely: a man has his brain transplanted into a giant, concrete-like body by aliens, but rather than this leading to vast revolutions in thought or superheroics, the aliens leave, and the guy tries to get on with his life.

In this mini-series, a companion piece to the ongoing, Chadwick and Concrete explore the ins and outs of the strange world of film-making. I kind of love the gentle mockery that's going on here of the old, 1980s Masters of the Universe film - Concrete is hired to do practical special effects on a fantasy movie based on a toy line, the main character of which is named (He-) "Mann." In keeping with the notion of this bizarrely-reconfigured man trying to get on with his life, the story is a gentle one. Aside from a demonstration of his abilities for the film producers, nothing gets blown up, Concrete fights with no one, and the drama revolves around the precarious nature of the funding for the film.

It's actually quite a lovely change of pace.

So I'll be reading this for the next few days, though you'll forgive me, I hope, if things are a little less-than-scheduled over the weekend - my Mum and Dad are coming for a visit, so I may actually have to venture into the outside world and be social. Horrors!


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