Sep 21, 2016

Welcome (the return of the sequel to the original 'Welcome')

I had thought for a little while there that the huge bump in page views was due to a particularly insistent bot or something, but the numbers appear to be steady, so I'll chance it, and welcome new readers to the blog!

Hi. I'm really honoured that you've taken some of your time to have a look at what I do. Here's some links that might help:

These social media ones occasionally will have content not on the blog, but mostly link back to the 40 Years project.

For those just joining the 40 Years of Comics Project, here's the first entry, and an explanation of the project.

If you're curious about where my collection came from (in part), here's some pictures of the store I ran in 2001 - 2002, The Magic Mirror.

I also have some semi-regular features:

On the Run: Mark Waid's The Flash - unfortunately on a bit of a hiatus - life and stuff, y'know?

The Dollar Bin - in which I wax lyrical about the pleasures and pains of cheap comics.

Artists to Check Out - whenever I find a bunch of cool art, I'll give you links to the artists' sites.

And, just occasionally, I venture into actually making comics: Sad Monster Comics.

There's more up here, so much that I've probably lost track. Have a poke about, and drop me a line if you're inclined. I'm always happy to talk about comics!

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