Apr 9, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 410: Betty and Me #55, February 1974


A quick tour to Riverdale to reset the brain - I find Archie comics do this, actually. They're all pretty harmless, and generally tell a well-written and well-drawn story. There's few surprises, and the characters are all fairly consistent.

Also, I'm part of Camp Betty, rather than Camp Veronica, so whenever a comic features Betty, I'm happy.

This one, however, does lend some credence to the supposition Bart Beaty makes in his The 12 Cent Archie that Betty is actually a bit of a stalker, trying to break Archie and Veronica up. A couple of the stories in this issue see her trying to play Archie and Veronica against each other, or at least bad-mouthing Veronica who is, ostensibly, her best friend.

And then there's that cover. Though Archie and Jughead are meant to be in the stands, slightly elevated from the gymnasts, they actually look like they're on a level below the gym floor. And Betty sort of looks like she's just floating in mid air. It's awkward. Chances are the whole picture was created around the picture of a very flexible Betty, so perspective may not have been foremost on the artist's mind.

Not much else to say, as with most Archie comics. They're fun, and mostly harmless. Onward!

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