Apr 7, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 408: Alpha Flight v.1 #20, March 1985


As we creep into what looks like a set-up for a haunted house mystery, we're going to take a break from Alpha Flight for a bit. I can feel my ire rising, as I've noticed happening numerous times when I've spent too much time with a particular series. Which is fine, really. I don't mind leaving things on a cliffhanger (as this issue does!), and I think I'd like to get into the later letters of the collection and see what's in there.

What also appears to be happening in Alpha Flight is a consolidation of the team, potentially out on the West coast. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The dispersed nature of the team was one of the things I quite liked that distinguished it from its American counterparts. Shaman's ability to teleport would surely have made short work of the distances between members in an emergency situation, so the only reason I can see for putting the team in one place is to allow writers to engage with the soap opera-ness that similar team books of the time (New Teen Titans, Avengers, X-Men) demonstrated. Which is a pity, as I don't see this series having much in common with those others, and I quite like it that way. These are not necessarily friends - they are team mates, work friends, so to speak. I don't need to see how they react to one another socially.

Well, we'll see how that all works out once we return to Alpha Flight. For now, we'll move on, and see what else is hidden in the depths of the collection. Onward!

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