Apr 2, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 403: BIONICLE #9, 2002


Comes the inevitable split. The Toa have never really been one of those groups that works particularly well together for very long. I think it comes from being made up of of leaders. Each team of Toa is made up of the very best of their kind, the Matoran. Of course they're all going to feel like they can handle everything on their own. And it certainly offers a nice look at how actual political relationships work - the various Toa, representing their regions, come together and prove greater than the sum of their parts, but individual interests always come back to the surface. There's a lot going on on Mata Nui.

That's the last full comic for this bit of the BIONICLE series. They title this "The Bohrok Saga Part 6 of 6," which I find a bit weird because it ends on a cliffhanger, and the story continues with more, albeit different, Bohrok in the next issue. Though there's a good chance that issue didn't come for a few months as the toys would have to be released early in 2003 first.

We'll get to those later. Onward.

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