Oct 24, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 241: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #12, November 1989

Missed it by 36 minutes.
I read this comic today, if today means the awake periods between sleep periods.
I'll blog more tomorrow.

This storyline ends with a confusing chase through the sewers of Waterdeep. In confusing, I don't necessarily mean that it confuses the reader, but that alliances shift, new players jump in, old players vanish for pages at a time, all contributing to the effect of confusion that one might feel chasing and being chased through the sewers of a medieval city. Timoth and Onyx, of course, escape to regale their companions at "Selune's Eye" with their adventures, but I'm left with the feeling that I've alluded to previously for this series that there's something a little larger going on that we're only just beginning to see the edges of. We've been introduced, through the adventures of our focal characters, to factions of guildsmen and nobles all vying for some kind of power in the city, and it would be a pity if Mishkin, Grubb, et al. gave up such a nice set up for large-scale intrigues. That the comic gets a lifespan of at least two more years makes me think that we might see a payoff in this particular direction.

We'll see, I guess. I'll move on to more adventures of Onyx, Timoth, and company after a short break to read some contemporary comics. Need to change things up a bit. See you tomorrow.

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