Oct 24, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 242: Weirdworld #1, August 2015

Okay. If my inability to focus on a single comic is a sign of anything, it's a sign that I need to switch things up a bit. So, for the next week and a bit, I'll be reading through some current comics that I'm reading, all mini-series and one-shots connected to Secret Wars. I'm going to start with Weirdworld, move on to Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra for a little break, and then get into the four issues of E is For Extinction. After that, we'll see how the progression through the A section of the storage collection goes.


I was quite excited for Weirdworld as one of the Battleworld books in the "Secret Wars" event. The four-page preview that was released just before it came out was beautiful and strange, very much unlike any of the other crossovers. There were no superheroes, that I could discern, and I'd never heard of Arkon, our focal character, before. The only other Weirdworld title I knew of was the "Warriors of the Shadowrealm" storyline from the Marvel Super Special magazine, and this particular Weirdworld seemed (and seems) to have little to do with that one. A few pages in, Arkon stares at the map of the land he's made, and right in the middle is something called the "Mother Board Mountain," and all of a sudden one is completely unsure of what's going on in this particular part of Battleworld.

This unsurety is a nice juxtaposition to basically every other one of the crossover titles that hearken back to some storied era of the Marvel Universe, be it one of the numerous X-crossovers, the original evil Squadron Supreme, even the Howard the Human one-shot. Weirdworld is completely different, completely its own beast aesthetically. What's really lovely about it is that I am almost assured that there will be no caped fisticuffs in this title, yet I have no idea what to expect. A comic that's a surprise is a rare thing to come across for one as jaded as myself. I'm glad to hear that the title will be continuing at least for a little while after the conclusion of Secret Wars. Obviously there's something interesting going on here, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to find out what it is.

Issue two on the morrow. See you then.

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