Oct 9, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 227: Alpha Flight v.1 #5, December 1983

Apologies again for the lack of post.
I'll catch up over the weekend.
Your patience is appreciated.


(Oct 11, 2015)

This one wasn't such a bad read. I have mixed feelings about the character of Puck. In some ways, he's a more Canadian version of Wolverine. What does that mean? Well, he's obviously the best there is at what he does (when not recovering from a near-disemboweling), but he's a lot less angry and smug about it than Wolverine. Puck, it seems, takes joy in his abilities in a way that Wolverine doesn't. How the Canucklehead might take joy in those powers is another question, and one that, unfortunately, very few writers take the time to think about. But Puck likes what he can do, even if he doesn't (as I'm assuming we'll find out) like the reasons that he can do those things.

But we can't let a day of Alpha Flight  go by without some criticism of the "Canadian-izing" of the comic. Dear Puck, You do not have to use the term "eh" at the end of every second sentence you utter to people. Yrs. Tom.

Okay. Almost caught up.

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