Oct 10, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 228: Jay & Silent Bob Minicomics Adventure

I am sorry, and this is not the blog stalling. I promise. I've just taken a few days off. I'm still reading a comic a day. I'll blog them all up tomorrow and Monday and get back on track.

Just needed a bit of a break.

See you tomorrow.

(Oct. 11, 2015)

I picked this comic up last night because I was a little inebriated, it was very late, and I was in the midst of a Rick and Morty marathon with my son. I thought that, as a minicomic, it might take me less time to read.

Except that instead of being like the Bone minicomics (which we'll get to), this one is actually a full-size comic shrunk down to about 3"x5". So not only did it not take less time to read, but because the print was really small, and my eyes a little fuzzy at the time, it took me ages to get through. Or it felt like it did, anyway.

That said, it was an entertaining comic, as all of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob comics are. I'd forgotten all about this little adventure, and the amazing action figure accessory it inspired of Walt Flanagan's dog. Perhaps I'll pull the Jay and Silent Bob action figures out and do a toy post about them. Assuming, of course, that they're not sitting in storage at my parents' house.

I was surprised to see Matt Wagner art on this one. I've come to equate Askewniverse comics with Duncan Fegredo or Jim Mahfood. This was an interesting departure, but I think I prefer Food's work overall for the Clerks/J&SB comics.

Okay, almost done. Just gotta get through an actual comic for today, and thing's will feel right again!

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