May 28, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 93: Captain Canuck (2015) #1, May 2015

I'm not always much of one for the nationalist kind of thing, but I'm gonna let my patriot flag fly here, and highly recommend this new incarnation of Captain Canuck. I've been reading the Captain almost since I first moved to the country, though only sporadically. He always struck me as an idea that was better in theory than in practice, but I never let that stop me from having a soft spot for him. I wouldn't be a very good Canadian if that were the case, would I?

But this new version is awesome. Great costume redesign, excellent artwork and writing, cool supporting cast, and a comic that drops you in just far enough in medias res that you're not completely confused, but also not completely sure what's going on.

Oh, and there's weird Alberta Tar Sands zombies. Did I mention the zombies?

I'm glad to see a revamp of this character. I'm glad that it's being produced by people who genuinely seem to care about the character, and about the fact that he's Canadian. We're a quiet people a lot of the time, even when we really should be shouting. And though our hero may be a bit lower key than his red, white, and blue garbed counterparts to the south, I get the feeling, even after just this issue, that he could hold his own in comparison.

I have some plans to do some theme weeks over the next little while, once I've caught up on my writing. We're going to embark on trying to cure me of my dislike for Western comics for a week or so. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm willing to try.

See you tomorrow.

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