Apr 5, 2015

Live-Post: Reorganizing my comic collection, Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 17:01

I was going to do this last night but I ran out of steam. Yeah, I know I should be using something like Twitter, but as I've said before, my Web Fu is poor. Gimme time.

I am re-organizing  my collection. I've gone through my active collection and pulled things that I don't foresee the immediate need of in the next year or two. They're going to be filed in the Storage collection.

So I decided I'd provide a running commentary. Strap in, it's likely to be really, really boring.

Problem one: I had a stack of dollar bin comics sitting on my coffee table that I hadn't read. I wasn't sure if I should keep them out and read them, since there's a good chance it'll be years before I come across them again, or if I should just file them. I chose the latter. They're in good company by way of comics I haven't read yet.

Problem two: Jeff Lemire's Trillium. Slated to be filed, I glimpsed it as I was alphabetizing the stuff to put away, and I remember how goddamned good it was. Look for that series to show up some time in the near future.

Problem three: I'm lacking in Storage collection space. I'd managed to leave 1-3 inches at the ends of about half of my longboxes, in order that I could flip through the boxes when I needed to. The rest of the boxes are jammed, so I'm creatively conjuring up space out of nothing. Which sounds easy, but is actually hard. Physics be damned!

Problem three point five: As I'm creating this space, I find things I want to read RIGHT NOW! Just discovered the first issue of Tim Conrad and Michael Davis' Etc. I found an ad for it in the back of one of the Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, and it sounds nuts and fascinating. Watch for that one coming up too.

Ween are currently blasting from the speakers. "Fat Lenny" from their album GodWeenSatan: The Oneness. One of the greatest rock albums of all time.

Okay. Back to work. See ya in about 15 minutes.

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