Mar 1, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 5: 2000 A.D. Monthly v.1 #4, July 1985

Published by IPC Magazines Ltd.

I am beginning to see a problem with reading things in alphabetical (numerical?) order. I'm a bit tired of 2000 A.D. And this, perhaps, is an answer to why I've never got into this particular series.  The Dredd story in this issue is a stand-alone, and not bad, but again, not stellar. Same goes for "D.R. and Quinch," though I notice that Moore's facility for voice is really impressive even in this comedic structure. D.R.'s voice is consistent and authentic-sounding. But we can definitely see these as Moore learning his craft. The stories are well-wrought, but don't have as much depth as his Marvelman and Swamp Thing writings that are contemporaneous with the 2000 A.D. material. Is there something to the idea that the former two are superhero comics, and the latter is science fiction? Does it say more about Moore's writing or the potential of the genre?

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