Feb 28, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 4: 2000 A.D. Monthly v.1 #1, April 1985


Published by IPC Magazines Ltd.

Due to an error of filing, I ended up reading the issues from volume 2 before those of volume 1. Here's volume 1. We've got the obligatory "D.R. and Quinch," the Alan Moore-ness of which justifies this piece's place in my collection. The lead-off Judge Dredd story is cool, in that it takes place outside of the Mega-City in the Cursed Earth, populated by strange mutated people. This story does demonstrate one of the more interesting aspects of the character of Dredd, in that he believes not necessarily in the law, but in justice. He journeys outside of the city to render assistance to those who are not citizens. Perhaps there's more to this Dredd character than I first thought.
I was less impressed by the "Strontium Dog" story. The characters didn't resonate with me, though Carlos Ezquerra's art is always pretty to look at. The nice thing about this collection is that it isn't Moore-heavy. I get that he's revered, and rightly so, but it's nice to see other writers featured. I sometimes wonder if these stories suffer for their proximity to the Moore stories, not necessarily because they are better, but because Moore's name carries a certain cache with it. I will try, from now on, to consider him as a writer amongst many, at the very least in the context of 2000 A.D.
Which I will continue with tomorrow....

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