Feb 26, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 2: 2000 A.D. Monthly v.2 #4, July 1986


Published by IPC Magazines Ltd.

Aaaannnddd....it turns out I do not have the whole series. So, somewhere between issue #1 and issue #4, Anderson is placed on suspension, and the Dark Judges are rampaging through Mega-City One. Easy enough to follow, really. There's some really terrible dialogue in the lead story, but the Dark Judges and Anderson are cool enough to overlook that little glitch. "Skizz" continues. If there's one thing to note about Moore's writing here, it's that his ability to mimic dialect in print is really pretty great. Or I'm assuming it is, never having been to Birmingham. "D.R. and Quinch" has vanished from the pages of the comic, which means their adventure on Planet Hollywood was a short one. It's replaced with an obscure Moore/Dillon sci-fi comedy called "Abelard Snazz" ("The Man with the Two-Storey Brain!"). It reads a lot like most of the 2000 A.D. one-offs: good art (it is Steve Dillon, after all), sort of trite writing. If you really want funny Moore, read Maxwell the Magic Cat (I'll get there eventually. Come back in a decade or so!). This is followed up by a piece that disproves what I've just written, the Moore/Gibbons (pre-Watchmen) short "Chrono-Cops," a clever little time travel paradox story.

Probably another week of 2000 A.D. in the pipe. This particular reprint series changed its name a few times. It's strange to me that a publisher would make that decision. The switch is small (from "Monthly" to "Presents"), and the series retains its numbering, but a lot of comics sales, especially in the pre-Comics Are Cool era of the 80s, was about branding. Changing one's brand seems a bad decision, especially this early in a comic's run.

See you tomorrow.

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