Feb 25, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1: 2000 A.D. Monthly v.2 #1, April 1986

Published by IPC Magazines Ltd.

I'm kind of happy to have started with this comic. I have quite a few 2000 A.D. reprint series, and, unless there was Alan Moore or Grant Morrison in the "Scriptbot" box, I didn't pay attention. I am now. Of course, this issue features the first installments of two of Moore's early works, "D.R. and Quinch" and "Skizz." I've read them both before in collections, though this might be the first time I've read them in colour. They're both pretty good, and it's been a while. The other story, though, is "Anderson: Psi Division." I have to admit to not being a fan of Judge Dredd and his universe. The recent film was pretty good, but I've never got into the comic. I know who Anderson is, but that's about it. Well, that's only sort of true, I guess. The thing is, the story is about Judge Death, a grim-reaper type who inhabits a parallel universe. And I've heard of him before. But I can't think of where. Dredd comics happened early in my life, perhaps. I have vague notions of this Brit-comic staple.

Anyway, "Revenge, part 1" was quite good. Creepy and weird, and a bit less noise than I seem to recall from my perusals of Dredd's own strip. I'm really hoping that I have the full run of this mini-series (I think I do) so I can finish the story.

A decent beginning. See you tomorrow.

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