Jun 27, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1218: Detective Comics #862, April 2010


One of the reasons I decided to include the blog part of this project, rather than simply reading a comic every day, was that if I thought people were potentially reading, I'd feel more compelled to do this every day. And, for the most part, it's worked. I don't really know how many read this, but I enjoy, for the most part, airing whatever little idea has crossed my mind while reading a particular comic. So when I miss a few days, I feel very guilty. The trouble is I've been experiencing some bad joint pain for some time now, and typing is one of the worst things for it. So please don't think that my missing a few days in a row is a sign of my boredom with the project. It's more about the pain.

Now on to the comic.

I don't think I like Jock's art work in this run. I know Williams had left to go and work on the Batwoman series, but the shift in art styles is quite jarring. Jock reminds me of a more mainstream Ted McKeever (whose work I'm rediscovering, and who we'll see some of in July), which is super-different from Williams' style(s). That said, this is a choppy story, both narratively, and technically. The jumps from Bruce to Kate, the cutting nature of both villains, perhaps the choppy art is fitting. Tomorrow's our last issue for this run, so we'll see.

More to come...

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