May 12, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1172: Cheeta Pop, Scream Queen #4, March 1995

(Sorry for the delay. Family visits are happy affairs, but they tend to throw off our schedules, I think.)

I'm going to see about tracking down some more of this comic. I quite enjoyed it. Cheeta's life, from what I can tell, is all about making pornographic movies that have the effects budget of The Avengers. Just moments after the scene depicted on the cover, she morphs into a mech-armoured badass and deals out hell with her laser sword. After having had numerous varieties of coitus with the weird alien beforehand. Everyone seems to be having fun, and the sex is handled nicely. I'm starting to notice in my readings of adult comics a nice undercurrent of male authors writing sex comics that are kind and fun. The back up feature, "Muscle Tone," is about three ladies who transform into superhero wrestlers and fight crime.

And have sex with people.

Something else that the comic does nicely is it makes you care about Cheeta. The framing sequence is a friend of our heroine's reading a letter in L.A. Cheeta is in Japan filming a movie. When I teach the epistolary, I note to my students that it's really like reading a diary. Letters and journals are private writing that we may never intend anyone to see. So adding this layer to what might have otherwise been a simply decent sex comic actually turns it into a pretty great comic overall. I'm drawn in by the correspondence - I'd like to know more about the characters.

And, *sigh*, if they have to have lots of sex while I'm learning about them, I guess that's okay too.

More to come...

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