Mar 21, 2018

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 1120: Supreme #15, July 1994

A welcome return of Pedram Shohadai, or Pedi, to the pages of Supreme. I'd mentioned in his earlier issue (#11) that his art style is far more McFarlane Studios than it is Extreme Studios, which is probably why he ended up drawing this issue. It looks awesome. Inside, anyway. I'm not a big fan of the Jeff Matsuda cover. One detail of his art that I really appreciate is that he actually draws a mouth under Spawn's mask:

I also am eating my words, virtually speaking. When posting a link to yesterday's comic on Facebook, I snarkily wrote "Ah, I see. A series of pointless superhero vs. superhero battles. Okay then." But today's issue is just a sit-down with Spawn. Supreme lands in the alleys and begins telling Spawn his life story, how short-changed he feels that people got worse in the time he was gone. There's some interesting stuff going on here in that Spawn actually knows that the story Supreme is telling is not true. Or perhaps it's the other way around. Perhaps Supreme's version is true, and what Al knows is wrong. Either way, we're getting a bit more background on Supreme - and for perhaps the first time, he's developing character. I've spent 14 issues trying to figure this character out, and one conversation with Spawn clears a lot of things up.

Of course, old Al tells Supreme to suck it up, everyone's got it rough, and he sold his soul to the Devil. Supreme is upset by this and flies away.

I have to say that, overall, this is the best this comic has ever been, in that I felt like I'd had a satisfying reading experience that added something to the overall narrative I'm following in Supreme. But this was a really good comic, not just a really good issue of the series. I was bemoaning the fact yesterday that the character just seemed to bounce around all over the place without having any real reason behind anything. Today's issue gives us the beginnings of a reason. Could it be that Kurt Hathaway came to the same conclusion, and so gave us this gem?

And will this trend continue?

More to come...

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