Jun 25, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 851: Jade - Redemption #1, December 2001


Eek! Sorry, the day got away from me and I think Omega will have to wait til tomorrow. Here's a contingency comic instead!

I know literally nothing about this character. Thank goodness there's a little recap thing at the beginning explaining that she's an ancient Chinese vampire working to restore glory to her country. As ancient Chinese vampires do, I guess.

The comic's a pretty standard Chaos! offering, with stylized hyper-violence, buxom and scantily-clad women, and supernatural goings on going on. What Jade appears to be adding to the shared universe (if indeed she's a part of it) is a definite Eastern animation sensibility. The anti-vampire armour that plays a large role in this issue looks like it could have stepped straight from an anime. Betraying my ignorance of mecha anime, I'm going to say it looks like something from Robotech: The New Generation, an Invid-style suit, or whatever that look was before it was North Americanized.

It's a first issue, so there's a lot of set-up, and I'm assuming that the action we're dropped into is somehow a continuation from Jade's previous series. And, sadly, it's the only issue I have in my collection, so it'll have to stand totally on it's own merits. The art is nice and manga-esque, which is a bit odd given that Jade is Chinese. There's perhaps a little of the manhua in it, but in my (admittedly slight) experience of the difference between manga and manhua, manga is a little more stylized, erring more toward anime, where manhua tends to be a little less stylized. But, as I say, my experience of the two is not great. Another of the reasons for a project like this one.

To be continued.

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