Jun 24, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 850: Void Indigo #2, March 1985


So we return for the final issue of a comic deemed too violent and dark to exist.

In 1985.


The story continues to be really intriguing, the characters remarkably well-fleshed out, given the short amount of time we've spent with them, and the trouble of the reincarnated Dark Lords starting to look secondary to the resurgence of an actual demon on Earth that is gathering people and body parts as servitors.

There is a synopsis of what's going to happen in the story available here, if you're interested in seeing how the piece would have played out. It's a pity that Mr. Gerber never shared a similar plot outline for Omega the Unknown. I'd love to know where that story was going. Speaking of, I'm going to be reading the Gerber-penned issues of that series starting tomorrow. It's a weird little corner of the Marvel U, but that's where Gerber flourishes.

Okay, Void Indigo goes back into the collection, unfinished, but certainly appreciated, and a look at the kinds of comic that couldn't find a market back in the day. Which is strange, because it's very similar to most of the more mature output of publishers like First, or PC, or even some early Dark Horse.

To be continued.

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