May 11, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 806: Greatest Hits #1, November 2008

What if the Beatles had been superheroes?

That's the driving question behind today's comic, and it certainly is an intriguing one. And the fact that it's drawn by Glenn Fabry doesn't hurt either. Known, in large part, for his wonderful covers for the Preacher series, his interior work is quite different, but no less compelling.

I wanted to like this series. It really seemed to be meshing a couple of things I really loved, but there's some problems with the story. The opening splash of superteam "The Mates" (that's them up on the cover) quelling unrest in a predominantly black neighbourhood in Newark seems a The heroes appear to be joining the police in beating down the rioters which, from a particular point of view, puts the squarely on the wrong side of history.

And then later in the comic there's some derogatory language used in reference to a transsexual prostitute. Now, I'm willing to go with the notion that it might all be for a reason, that the use of this kind of language is a way of establishing the prejudices of the narrator, or that the Mates' involvement in a race riot is being used to depict poor choices they've made, but there isn't much indication of that in the comic itself. I'll give the second issue a go tomorrow (which is all the issues I actually have), and then we'll see.

Sorry - a brief and not too insightful post. I'm tired.

To be continued.

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