Apr 28, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project Friday Magazine 10: Doctor Who Weekly #1, October 1979


I just realized that I didn't do my magazine last Friday. Must be that memory thing that happens with age.

Today's magazine has got to be one of the oldest inhabitants of the collection. Not, necessarily, by it's actual age, but by the amount of time it's spent with me. The first issue of DWW I ever got was #19, but my Mum and Dad managed to track down a few back issues for me and have them sent to us in Canada in early 1980. I'm still trying to track down one or two to fill out my run of the weekly series - perhaps the Calgary Expo this weekend will bear some fruit.

Speaking of, I know I say it every year, but I'll try to do a full write-up of the con next week. I'm presenting a paper on Sunday afternoon, if you're about.

Today's inaugural issue features the first part of "The Iron Legion," one of my absolute favourite Doctor Who stories - imagine Rome never fell, and rampaged across the galaxy at the behest of demonic aliens for millennia. It's good and epic and everything that the television series was unable to be in those early days. It's amusing, and slightly unnerving, to me that one of the articles in this issue notes that the series began "16 years ago" and here we are in 2017 celebrating it's 50+ anniversary! There's something wondrous about the fact that this show has managed to stay around for over half a century, especially given the ridiculousness of its premise. But then, I'm a guy who love superheroes. Ridiculous premises are par for the course.

I read a few issues of this series a while back, but perhaps I'll put it on deck for my Friday magazines to come. Might be interesting to take a look back not just at old comics, but at comics that have been with me for a really, really long time.


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