Apr 28, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 793: Failed Universe #1, December 1986


(Contingency comic today. I'm still feeling crappy.)

I've often said that I think I must be one of the few fans of Marvel's early attempt at a new narrative universe, creatively referred to as the New Universe. In my defense, I was only 12 when it came out, and it was completely different from the Avengers and X-Men comics I was mainlining at the time. Or it felt like it was, anyway.

Older eyes saw something, well, not quite as different, as this comic attests. As with most of the Blackthorne parody comics (most, but not all), it relies on the Mad Magazine-esque style of humour, lots of crass jokes, and a complete disparagement of the idea that there might have been something of merit behind the New Universe.

I guess, once I get to it in the project, we'll find out for ourselves.

To be continued.

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