Mar 28, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 762: Tales of the Sun Runners v.2 #1, July 1986

Somewhere in my collection, I have another issue of a Sun Runners title that I'm sure I got at a Free Comic Book Day some time ago. I can't, for the life of me, find it in my database, though. I do remember, however, really quite enjoying it. I enjoyed today's comic too.

It's tough to combine the genres of fantasy and science fiction in a way that doesn't simply take all of the stereotypical tropes of both and mash them together. Sun Runners does a very interesting job, similar in many ways to how The Force is treated in Star Wars, incorporating magic into a soft sci-fi setting and story. I know we're all familiar with the all-too often used idea that magic is simply technology that we don't understand, and that works in many ways, but with magic there's oftentimes an element of belief or will that's involved, something intrinsic to the caster, not to the machinery, physical or spiritual, that's being used. Magic comes from consciousness. Though I suppose it's a technology for manipulating reality through the application of directed consciousness. Or something.

Anyway, the comic was pretty cool, though I do feel like I'm well behind. It seems the the title bounced between a number of different publishers in the 80s, so while I didn't feel completely lost while reading this issue, I didn't feel completely found, so to speak, either. But I'll read the follow-up tomorrow - there was definitely enough in this issue to pull me back in for more.

To be continued.

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