Mar 21, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 755: Fort - Prophet of the Unexplained #1, June 2002

You have to love Charles Fort. I'll admit that I enjoy delving into the irrational side of the world every now and again, but this guy made a life out of it. His catalogues of the weird read somewhere between scholarly treatise and science fiction. His dedication to chronicling the things we can't understand is inspiring. It obviously was for Mr. Lenkov and Mr. Irving.

This comic reads like a Lovecraft story. Really, that's one of the primary reasons I bought it in the first place. Irving was the artist on Necronauts, another comic that uses historical figures associated with the weird as main characters. I like to think that Fort exists in a similar, if not the same, universe. Though his little sidekick H.P. might mess with that theory.

Today's issue is very much set up, as the openings of all good limited series ought to be. Businessmen are going missing, strange lights have been seen in the sky, and librarian Charles Fort thinks there's a connection. Actually, let's call him an "action librarian." Which, really, is kind of amazing. How does one go about getting that job?

To be continued.

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