Mar 20, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 754: First Adventures #5, April 1986

You might be forgiven, considering the cover of today's comic, for thinking that its a comic aimed at younger audiences. I think perhaps it's the propensity to add the word "adventures" to titles over the last few years when marketing kid-friendly comics. But let's remember that this was published by an indie publisher in the mid-Eighties. It's not a comic for kids. Though the "Dynamo Joe" feature very well could be, the death of one of the main characters of the series in today's final installment speaks otherwise. And the installment of "Whisper" is just dark. Really dark.

I've noted before that I have a soft spot for anthology titles, though one usually has to contend with a couple of bad stories packaged in with the good stuff. It seems to me, however, that First Adventures had a couple of really great features all along. The art is excellent, the writing top notch. The proof is in the fact that this is the final issue of the anthology title, and each of the constituent series moves to its own title after this one.

One thing that happened today that rarely happens is that I read the end of a couple of stories, without having any context for those endings. It's an interesting thing, to end a story. Both endings felt strangely satisfying, even though I have no clue what led to those endings. There's something about an ending, that slide down to the end of Freytag's Pyramid. The two installments in today's comic basically started at the climax of the story and then gave us falling action. Is this evidence that I don't need to read complete stories, just climaxes and endings? Probably not. I'm just tired this morning.

To be continued.

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