Mar 7, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 741: Marvel Team-Up #135, November 1983

As I searched through my boxes for a comic to read this morning, I realized that Marvel Comics has named a lot of their comics after themselves. You'd think that the box up in the corner would tip people off to the fact that a comic features Spider-Man (he pulled a lot of guest appearances in the 80s. Transformers #3 is one of my favourites), but I guess branding is a thing in advertising, so there you have it.

I liked today's comic. Kitty Pryde was one of my first crushes as a young boy - I loved her in Uncanny X-Men, in her occasional appearances in The New Mutants, and in her transformation into ninja badass in the Wolverine & Kitty Pryde miniseries. For me, more than any of the other characters, Kitty was always the heart of the X-Men, that rebellious teenager who emblematized the rebelliousness inherent in the X-Men. It broke my heart when Joss Whedon did what he did (which I won't mention in the service of SPOILERS), though, as with all comics characters, she recovered. So putting her in the situation of having to babysit a couple of obnoxious kids, and then end up teaming up with Spider-Man to fend off some strangely technologically-advanced Morlocks fed so much of my inner adolescent. Not that he's hungry very often.

The art is standard 80s Marvel art, which means, again, the nostalgia factor kicks in for me. Though this comic was perhaps a year or so old by the time I started collecting comics, Ron Frenz's art is just how I remember those first comics I picked up from the House of Ideas: West Coast Avengers, Secret Wars, Avengers. These were my introduction to the world(s) of superheroes, so whenever I read something that resembles those titles, the thrill of discovering, or its memory, hits me again.

To be continued.

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