Mar 6, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 740: Marvel Fanfare #10, September 1983

Marvel Fanfare was, when I was first collecting comics, that book that sat off to the side from others, different because of its production quality and its purporting to tell stories a little more mature than the standard Marvel comics. I never really paid it much attention until a couple of issues made their way into the collection years back and I finally had a chance to read it.

At which point I realized it's pretty much a standard Marvel comic from the early 80s.

That said, the back-up in this issue is P. Craig Russell illustrating a story from The Jungle Book, and though Kipling's a bit dodgy sometimes, Russell's work is always worth seeing. The lead story, "Widow," however, is a kind of boring origin story for the Black Widow that appears to serve as set-up for the story in the next issue. Which I don't have. What I did like about the story is that this is the Widow in my favourite of her outfits. I wasn't a fan of the short-haired look that dominated the later part of the decade and much of the 90s. And this is definitely the version of the character that inspires the Scarlett Johansson version of the character. That could be her up on the cover there, really.

I'm feeling a bit aimless in the project again. Perhaps it's time to go back to alphabetical reading, though I'm just not feeling the Alpha Flight right now. Guess I've got a day to figure it out!

To be continued.

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