Feb 16, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - The Weekly Graphic Novel: Week 34 - Ada Lee v.1, 2001

More erotic graphic novel goodness after the break (that is, if I'm working these widgets right!)

Jack Munroe's art reminds me so much of Philip Bond. But with more naked people. Ada Lee is the story of a young lady whose libido is out of control. She loves girls, and has as many of them as she possibly can. She's also insanely foul-mouthed, so if you like your erotica very gay and with lots of dirty talk, this is the book for you.

Ada and her friends smoke weed, fuck, and hang out, which really doesn't sound like a bad life. Though, at my advanced age (42, that is), that would likely kill me. But I've definitely had times like that in my life. They were sadly far too short, but the memories persist.

As I said in last week's graphic novel review, I'm always on the lookout for sex positive erotic comics. Phil Foglio's Xxxenophile is my litmus test, a comic that's simply about having sex and having fun while doing it. Everyone having fun, that is. Ada Lee is exactly that too. And, for a nice change of pace, it's a sex positive lesbian graphic novel. Perhaps the first I've read (the protagonist in Molly Kiely's That Kind of Girl was bi, so that doesn't count!).

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