Feb 21, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 727: Equinox Chronicles #1, Spring 1991


An interesting read. It begins as a techno-thriller of sorts, but then quickly changes into a sort-of superhero book. Sometimes it's a bit off-putting to have a comic switch gears so quickly, but sometimes it's good to have something keep you on your toes.

Unfortunately the company/artists decided that they needed to go with the sex sells philosophy for their front cover. While there is a kidnapping performed by the eyepatch-wearing Vypira, the kidnappee's dress doesn't quite get shredded the way it is on the cover. In fact, though the art within and without is by the same person, Mark Jones, the two bear very little resemblance to one another. This makes sense, in that a cover is a more stylized representation of the events within (most of the time), but the distinctiveness of the difference really highlights the influence an inker can have on the look of a book.

Storywise, this was an okay tale. The series only runs two issues, so there really seems to be a lot of set-up for a very limited amount of narrative space. I suppose, in many cases, it's the hope of the creators that the comic will take off and they'll be able to tell longer, more complex stories. But I've always found the notion of assuming that you'll be able to very strange. Why not start off with smaller stories, and then if you're successful, start telling the long ones? That said, every series of comics scripts I've ever written have been multi-part epics, so maybe it's just how comics fans think.

To be continued.

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